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Expert Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services of Fredericksburg, TX

Have you noticed a difference in your drains lately? Perhaps they are running slower than usual, or maybe they're not draining at all and failing to clear out. Do you find that you are showering with inches of unwanted water at your feet? Whatever the exact problem may be, drainage issues should not be ignored. Drainage issues are all too common and they arising from clogging your disposal with something that was not meant to be put down your drain. Whatever the exact problem may be, drainage issues should not be ignored.

Every plumbing fixture in your home has its own drain line that ties into the master main line, carrying all of the water inside your home out and through the sewer lines. Additionally, if you have noticed any strange smells from your toilet or sewer system, it could be an indicator that your sewer line is damaged.

When your drains or sewer lines aren't working as expected, you know it’s time to call American Plumbing Service. We’re fast, reliable, and experienced, so we will take care of the problem and ease your drain worries. At American Plumbing Service, we offer a comprehensive list of sewer and drain services for:

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Hill Country Sewer Line Cleaning Services

Your sewer line is an essential part of your plumbing system and when it becomes clogged, it can lead to disastrous results. If you suspect that your sewer line is clogged or damaged, it is essential that you call for professional help. One sign that your sewer line is clogged is that you have multiple backed-up drains. If more than one drain is slow moving, gurgling, smells bad or has water backing up, you most likely have a main sewer clog.

Our experienced Fredericksburg sewer line technicians use advanced video camera technology to see inside your sewer lines and come up with a plan of action. We can then determine what needs to be done, including sewer relining or hydro-jetting to clean out a clog.

Clogged Drain? Our Fredericksburg Plumbers Can Help

If one of the drains in your home or business is clogged, you should not ignore it. Any issues with your drains, even those which seem minor, should be addressed rapidly, as a clogged or problematic drain can damage your plumbing system and ultimately make matters worse. Our drain professionals are trained to quickly find the problem and clear it out with a variety of non-invasive, effective methods

American Plumbing Service is helping Hill Country residents with their plumbing needs

Plumbing issues in the bathroom are no fun to deal with, but they’re even worse when left alone. If you notice an issue, address the problem on the spot. Contact the plumbing professionals that care at American Plumbing Service by calling (830)-992-3393 to request an immediate appointment today.

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