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Sewer Camera Light Inspection Services

If you are experiencing a stopped drain, clogged toilet or leaking sewer line, we will send one of our specialists to run a video line to determine the exact source of your problem. Sewer line camera inspection services are a diagnostic tool used by the best plumbing experts in the industry. At American Plumbing Service, we use a sewer pipe camera to quickly and efficiently diagnose sewer line problems in your home or business.

This technology is invaluable because it gives us the chance to see inside the pipe in real-time and helps determine the structural integrity of your sewer drains or any other issues that might be there.

How does a Sewer Line Camera Inspection work?

The sewer pipe camera setup includes a small camera mounted to a flexible rod. The rod and camera are small enough to be inserted into the sewer line. A technician at the end guides the rod through the sewer line, recording what is happening. There is a locator beacon on the camera head which allows our specialists to mark exact trouble spots on the ground, direct the repair crews, eliminating unnecessary excavation and repair time.

The sewer camera essentially helps see through your pipe without expensive excavation. Video images are transmitted to a camera operator and can be saved in a computer file for permanent record.

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What Are the Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer line camera inspection services are a valuable tool. American Plumbing Service recommends these services with almost every sewer line service since it’s often imperative to see the inside of the pipe to make a proper diagnosis. If you’re unsure or if the signs are mild, a professional sewer camera inspection will help.

Some of the major benefits of sewer camera inspections include:

  • Saves time and money on the repair because it ensures the right repair is recommended right away.
  • It can spot unexpected problems you didn’t know you had.
  • Sewer inspections can also be used to find lost items such as jewelry or other valuables in the sewer.
  • Eliminates the guesswork when it comes to sewer repairs.

When do you Need a Video Camera Inspection?

The following situations all call for an expert camera sewer inspection from your local American Plumbing Service: 

  • Cracked, broken or collapsed pipes that need repair or replacement
  • Bellied pipes
  • Blockage due to grease buildup or other foreign objects
  • Tree root invasion
  • Corroded pipes that may have caused the pipe to collapse
  • Before purchasing a new home
  • Home remodeling to make sure your new bathroom or kitchen can handle the increased needs

Contact American Plumbing Service for Expert Hill Country Sewer Camera Inspections

Sewer issues are no fun to deal with, but they’re even worse when left alone. If there is an issue inside your sewer line and you need an expert to take a high definition look, contact the plumbing professionals that care at American Plumbing Services by calling (830)-992-3393 to request an immediate appointment today. Or to request an appointment online or ask any questions you may have, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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